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Sasha and Ignaz's Quaint English Wedding in the Bride's Childhood Village. 

July 29, 2023

        Sasha, Ignaz, and their magical woodland wedding in the quaint village of  Holmbury St Mary. The village, in fact, where the bride grew up with her 3 siblings. This truly was a special spot for the family, as the bride's sister got married in the same church several years prior! These two asked me to capture their day both on digital and on film, which I LOVE. You'll notice some film images mixed in with the digital ones.

       We started the day with bridal prep in Sasha's childhood home, a mere 5 minutes walk from the church. It was a relaxed, but buzzing morning as the siblings, nieces, nephews, and friends of the bride milled about getting ready. Most importantly, it was at this point where I met the star of the show, their 2 year old blonde cocker spaniel, Moxie. 

      The boys got ready just down the road in the local pub, which was captured beautifully by my second shooter, Nadine Loretta, and then began the 2 minute walk to the church. 

      Many beautiful hymns later (the bride is an incredible singer), the guests took the scenic woodland path through the forest to the reception at the Holmbury St Mary Cricket club. Cocktails and refreshments were provided about halfway through the journey, so that the guests could enjoy the sunlit woods. 

     While the guests made their way to the marquis, the bride, groom, and myself started their beautiful photo session. We started next to Sasha's parents house in the woods she grew up in, which was very much giving Twilight vibes. We then opted for a more serene woodland clearing closer to the reception tent, as the uneven ground was proving difficult in stilettos. 

      The gorgeous summers day transitioned into dusk, and the guests merrily drank champagne and played cricket until the sun went down. I'm thrilled that I stayed long enough to hear the bride perform, truly amazing. 

Bride's childhood home

Relaxed breakfast

Home on film.


Flower delivery

Getting ready

Letters from the groom

Finishing touches

Bridal portraits

Final details

A spritz of wedding perfume

One more for good measure.

Moxie enters the chat.

What a good girl

Bridal portrait on film.

Garden portrait

Sasha and Moxie

Sasha and her bridesmaids

Sasha and her niece

Sasha and her niece pt 2.

We love the Moxie pics.

Sasha and her parents

Ignaz getting ready. Shot by my second shooter Nadine.

Ignaz and his mom. Shot by my second shooter Nadine.

Ignaz and his boys. Shot by my second shooter Nadine.

The Church.

Holmbury St Mary.

Moody English church.

Guests arriving

The groom waiting.

Exchanging of vows.

The local church.

Must have some hymns.

Exchange of rings.

The first kiss!

Signing the official papers.

Sasha leaving the alter.

Exiting the church.

Officially married! Shot by my second shooter Nadine.

Walking as husband and wife.

Bride's sisters waiting for the confetti.


My favorite confetti shot ever.

The walk to the reception. Shot by my second shooter Nadine.

Guests in the woods. Shot by my second shooter Nadine.

Arriving to the reception. Shot by my second shooter Nadine.

Couple session begins.

The local woods by Sasha's childhood home.

First official family photo.

Watching mom and dad.

This light was everything.

Walking in the woods.

Major Twilight vibes.

Walking to the reception.

Couple portrait.

Woodland bridal portraits.

A moment for the dress.

It deserved another moment.

Gorgeous couple.

Such a peaceful wood.


Careful not to trip.

On the way to the party.

My favorite photo from the whole day.

Casually hoping the barbed wire fence.

Made it.

Reception at the Holmbury St Mary Cricket Club.

The marquis on film.

Reception on film.

Couple on film.

Guests and the marquis.

The bride in the tent on film.

Grandpa and grandson.

Smiling guests

Family Photo

The reception on film.

Champagne on film.

Rustic strawberry shortcake

Happy guests.

Cute couple.

Guests on film

The bride and groom enter.

The groom.

Groom and his mother.

The bride's brother smashing the MC duties.

Cute couple pt 2.

The bride chatting on film.

Guests at the reception.

The bride mingling.

Bouquet toss in 3...



Guests enjoying the summer evening.


More cricket fun.

Guest laughing on film

Cricket on film.

Couples on film.

The first dance.

The bride changed at dusk.

Into the tent for the party.

The boys.

Cricket fun.

The bride performing in the evening.

Special Mentions:

Photographer: Emily Montay 

Second Shooter: Nadine Loretta 

Bridal Hair and Makeup: Jenny Nicholls

Bridal Party Hair and Makeup: Sonja 

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