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Shakespearean Inspired Essex Wedding

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Romantic and intimate wedding in Essex inspired by Shakespeare's Hamlet. Read all about how to achieve this whimsical wedding and view the emotive photography gallery from the day.

I'm so excited to finally be sharing the images from Molly and Alfie's Hamlet inspired wedding at Apton Hall in Essex. Unlike the typical gloomy and moody English, October weather, the sun was determined to make itself known and quietly but prominently peaked its way through the dense cloud cover. This resulted in some theatrically lit photographs, perfectly matching the Shakespearean theme of the wedding.

"I loved Ophelia, forty thousand brothers could not, with all their quantity of love, make up my sum" (5.1. 247–249)

Not only did the light set the perfect backdrop to this whimsical wedding, but so did Apton Hall. Molly and Alfie's day was my first time photographing a wedding at Apton Hall and it certainly did not disappoint. I knew going in that I would be able to photograph the beautiful brick buildings and open courtyard, but what I did not realize is that the wedding venue would also provide the most romantic rose garden and swing shown below.

This ethereal, handmade wedding dress from Hazaar of London and features hundreds of hand embroidered flowers and fits the setting beautifully. I cannot tell you how excited we were when we placed the wedding gown in the rose garden and watched the entire inspiration for the wedding come to light. It seemed a little bit like the universe was excited for us as well because just at that moment, a little beam of sunshine escaped through the thick english country-side clouds, allowing me to capture the romantic gown in its full glory.

The wedding was small and intimate with only a few important guests, giving off the feel of the most romantic elopement imaginable. Everything was relaxed and happy, from the bridal prep, to the first look photos, and of course the intimate wedding ceremony. There were countless nods to the celebrated Hamlet throughout this romantic wedding. Molly channelled the noble lady Ophelia by selecting a vintage bridal hair piece from Vintage Adornments to wear alongside her hand embroidered wedding gown. Ophelia's entire character is based around the symbolic meanings of nature, which can be seen throughout this nature inspired wedding.

Molly and Alfie were such a sweet and loving couple that invited me into their special moment. I stayed in the background to unobtrusively capture their wedding so that they can look back at these authentic wedding photos one day and remember the raw emotion behind the images. I sincerely hope that their wedding photos will one day be timeless, just like the story of Hamlet and Ophelia.

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