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Nilam & Michael's Intimate and Family Oriented Floral Summer Wedding in Chelsea, London.

August 5, 2023
DSC_0514 2.jpg

        When Nilam and Michael got engaged, they immediately knew that they didn't want wait any longer before getting married. So instead, they planned the ultimate London micro-wedding and pulled it off all in under 3 months.  

        Despite having a guest list of 15 family members only, this intimate affair was one of the most fun weddings I have photographed. In such a short amount of time, the bride and groom managed to fit in three iconic venues, all highly notable around Chelsea, starting at the beautiful 11 Cadogan Gardens. Nilam's sisters got the party started immediately at the crack of dawn when we began the bridal prep in the gold and black giled bridal suite. 

        Traditional to Indian weddings, the bride opted for a bright red bridal outfit, symbolizing new beginnings and feminine power. This specific jumpsuit was custom made for her by Orhan Tailoring London. The bride's parents and sisters adorned her jewelry and gifts before we were all off to No Fifty Cheyne for the ceremony. 

        The floral arrangements at No Fifty Cheyne really are unbelievable and truly something to behold, which is perhaps why it is such a popular Chelsea wedding venue. Nilam took passed on the inspiration from the restaurant's baby pink, blue, and lilac displays to her own florist, Jade Anja, who seamlessly created a bridal bouquet to match. 

        After an emotional ceremony, we ran outside to grab some photos of the bride and groom whilst we had a 10 minute gap in the heavy summer rainstorm we had been experiencing all day. The results are some of my favorites, which goes to show you don't need hours to get beautiful couple photos. The guests partied under confetti until it was time for an outfit change and a swanky reception dinner at Bocca di Lupo in Soho. 

11 Cadogan Gardens

Bride's sisters dancing whilst getting ready.

Bridal prep

Mother of the bride and sisters

Parents of the bride

Final touches

Groom getting ready

Shoes going on

Nilam and her sister

Putting in the earrings.

The bride and her sisters

The bride and her sisters pt. 2.

Leaving 11 Cadogan Gardens

No Fifty Cheyne

The outside of No Fifty Cheyne

Interior floral display

The bar.

Ceremony space.

Cheyne Row.

The bride arriving at her ceremony.

Walking down the aisle.

Happy couple during the ceremony

More smiles

Bride and groom by the window

Parents of the groom

Guest reactions

The exchange of rings


First kiss as married couple!

The bride receiving gifts from her grandmother.

The bride and her grandmother.

Stunning bouquet by Jade Anja florals.

50 Cheyne

Guests mingling.

Bride and groom greeting guests.

The brides grantmothers.

Mothers chatting.

The first dance.

And of course a confetti moment.

Happy sisters.

Confetti in the hair.

Bride and Groom looking out the window.

Pt 2.

Couple session begins.

A little dance.

The entry way to No 50 Cheyne

First walk as husband and wife.

10/10 for the florals.

A quick hug...

And a smooch.

Reception at Bocca di Lupo.

Table florals.

The bride greeting guests.

Outfit change 10/10

Guests enjoying the reception.

The reception table.


Special Mentions:

Photographer: Emily Montay 

Hair: Lucy @ The Hair Co  and Curls by Kareem

Makeup: Temi Adele

Jumpsuit: Orhan London Tailoring

Bridal Prep Venue: 11 Cadogan Gardens

Ceremony Venue: No Fifty Cheyne

Reception Venue: Bocca di Lupo

Florals: Jade Anja  

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