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Danielle & Greg's Wild Tavern Wedding in Leadenhall Market.

May 28, 2023
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        My 2023 summer wedding season started off with an absolute BANG at Danielle & Greg's wedding party. I say party, because this was one of the most fun weddings I've photographed. 

        This gorgeous late May wedding began with some champagne swigging and frolicking in the empty streets of London. You'll find that empty street frolicking is a recurring theme in this wedding album. We have a cycling race to thank for the blocked off roads! The videographer, Mathew Everard, and I had a ton of fun making the most of these empty streets. 

        The ceremony took place at one of my favorite London venues: The Old Marylebone Town Hall. An absolute classic for chic town hall weddings. This was the third wedding I've done here, and it's just as fabulous every time. Something about the wood panelled rooms and white exterior just photograph so beautifully.

        After the ceremony, Danielle and Greg transported their guests back to the reception by non other than a classic London red bus. Champagne. toasts on the way really set the tone for what would turn into the most wild and fun party I've ever photographed. 

        Our home for the evening was the Lamb Tavern in the beautiful Leadenhall Market. Fun fact Leadenhall Market provided the setting for the iconic Leaky Cauldron in Harry Potter, as well as being the inspiration for Diagon Alley. 

       After dinner, the guests spilled out onto the cobblestones of the market to mingle under the gilded rooft, before continuing the party downstairs in Tom's underground bar. 

Morning window.

Danielle's sister in law does her makeup.

Bridal prep.

Champagne and frolicking.

Bride and her bestfriend.

Groom reads letter from his bride.

Black and white of the groom.

All smiles.

Groom and his brother.

Groom and his best men.

Danielle opening her gifts.

Finishing touches.

Final touchup.

Ready to go.

Greg waiting at the alter.

Ready to get married.

Nearly there.

Danielle and her dad at Marylebone Town Hall.

First look.

Bride and groom at the alter.

Exchanging rings.

They did it.

Husband and wife hand in hand.

Exiting the town hall.

We love confetti pics.

More confetti.

Greg greeting guests.

A married Greg!

Couple photos at the town hall.

This iconic alcove.

Loving the seasonal floral arrangements.

On the way to the party.

Perks of your best friend being a makeup artist.

Toast to the bride and groom.

Bride and groom waving to their guests.

The walk to the tavern.


Nearly at the reception.

The Lamb Tavern in Leadenhall Market.

Reception venue.

View of the market.

Guests arriving.

Bride and her parents.

Family photo.

Guests going upstairs for dinner.

Guest portrait.

Happy guests.


Entering as husband and wife.

Party is getting started.

A toast.

More happy guests.

"Please don't run me over, I just got married"

Couple photo session round 2.

Street frolicking.

Gorgeous couple.

Golden hour is picking up.


So much love.

My favorite image in the whole album.

The first dance.

Bride and groom dancing.

The bride dancing.

A beautiful first dance.

The finale.

Cigar hour.

Groom and his guys.

The men.

Cutting the cake!


On to the after party.

Down to Tom's Bar.

We love a dancing bride.

Bride in black and white.

Greg at the bar.

Party is just getting started.

Special Mentions:

Photographer: Emily Montay 

Videographer: Mathew Everard at Infini8 Images. 

Ceremony Venue: Old Marylebone Town Hall

Reception Venue: Lamb Tavern

Florist: Burton's Blooms

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