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About Me

I often hear from clients that they find booking a photographer to be a stressful and overwhelming process. I totally understand, it's a big decision deciding whom to trust to capture your real-time proposal, walk down the aisle, or authentic portraits. For all these reasons and more, I wanted to introduce myself so that you can get to know me a little bit better, understand what I do and why, and ultimately alleviate all that decision making stress! 



My name is Emily Montay and I am an award-winning photographer specializing in weddings, couples, and high-end portraiture. ​While my main bases are in London, New York, and Switzerland, I am also available for nearly all international locations. So if you have your heart set on intimate elopement photography in Mexico, or plan to get married on the tiny island where you first met, I'd love to hear all about it! 

I was born and raised in New York where I spent 18 happy years before moving across the Atlantic to study in Scotland. I always had a fascination with human emotion and interaction, which is why I chose to study psychology at university. And while I haven't continued on the psychology path, I take everything I've learned along the way and use it to make sure my clients are 100% comfortable with the entire process and to ensure that they are provided with emotional, fine art photographs that represent their authentic selves. 


When I think back to the first time I discovered my passion for photography, ​I used to attribute it to a trip to Paris when I was a teenager. But when looking through old family photos, it's evident that my love for photography is much more innate than I originally remembered. What I find even more interesting is that in these childhood photos, I am almost always taking photos of people.


My earliest photography related memory is sitting on my dad's lap watching him use Photoshop on his computer. I must have been only 3 at the time. It's safe to say that photographing real people and providing

them with beautifully edited photographs is something that has been completely

ingrained in me since I was small. 




My Style

My aim is to provide real, creative, everyday people and couples with fine art photographs that truly showcase their stories. In simpler words, I want your photos to feel like you. I also want to challenge the fact that you never see wedding photos hanging in an art gallery and I want you to feel like your portraits are Vogue worthy. 

You can trust that I will unobtrusively capture your moments and turn them into a dreamy, cinematic, and luxurious collection of images with the highest attention to detail. 


Booking With Me 

Each client's needs and preferences are different, which is why I like to tailor my bespoke photography packages to each person. The below packages are a starting point, couples or individuals may choose to add on additional elements such as more final images or luxury photo albums. 



My half-day package starts at £700 and my full-day package starts at £1,500.  These packages may be tailored to include photo albums or additional final images. 

half day package

full day package




Number of Images




Engagement packages are offered in 1, 2, and 3-hour sessions.  Again, these packages are starting points and may be customized depending on your needs. Couples who book me for both their engagement photos and wedding photos will receive 10% off wedding packages!

1 Hour Session

2 Hour Session

3 Hour Session





Number of Images




DSC_3917 copy.jpg


Portraits packages are offered in 1 hour, 2 hour, half, and full-day sessions.  Half and full-day sessions are most often selected by start-ups and entrepreneurs who need lots of content for their social media and new website! If you don't see what you're looking for below, please contact me and we can customize your perfect package. 


1 Hour Session

2 Hour Session

Half Day

Full Day






Number of Images





Please​ keep in mind that just because you don't see your perfect package listed above, doesn't mean it can't be done! If you are interested in booking a session or wedding with me, please don't hesitate to reach out and I'd be happy to explain all the options in greater detail and to discuss my recommendation for your bespoke photography package. 

I can't wait to hear from some of you! 


Whether you know exactly what you need, or simply want to talk through your options more before deciding, don't hesitate to reach out! I'd be happy to chat.



Follow me on social media to see what I'm up to! 



Remember to check my blog frequently for updates on my recent projects, as well as tips for both photographers and clients!



View portrait and couple galleries here.

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